10 Ways to Make a DifferenceAs an educated early childhood teacher,  I can make a difference by...

  1. Delivering high-quality early care and education to ensure all children are ready for school and life.
  2. Helping all children to gain the early language and literacy skills to prepare them for reading.
  3. Modeling respectful, nurturing relationships to help all children learn to work and play well with others.
  4. Promoting cognitive development by posing questions and providing developmentally appropriate materials and activities that stimulate children's interest in pondering ideas, posing theories, formulating thoughts, growing skills to support persistence and attentiveness to solving a problem and experimenting with materials.
  5. Providing rich learning environments that promote children wanting to learn new things every day.
  6. Supporting children's understanding of key mathematical concepts.
  7. Creating skill development opportunities that support children's physical health and growth,  including large and fine motor development and eye-hand coordination, healthy nutrition and children's awareness of personal health and fitness.
  8. Partnering with families around their children's development.
  9. Allowing parents to work and supporting families' contributions to our economy.
  10. Continuing my education to ensure I know the latest research and have the resources needed to be an effective leader.

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Copywritten by Child Care Association, 2012