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Directors that are employees of the center

All scholarship recipients must commit to taking 9-12 credit hours during a contract year at an institution that accepts TEACH scholarships, while working 25 hours a week at their sponsoring child care center.

Upon completion of a contract year, recipients make a commitment to continue working at their present place of employment for at least a year

The Scholarship Models below are based on a 1 year TEACH contract.  A one year TEACH contract consists of three consecutive academic semesters. For example:  If you are awarded a contract beginning January 2015, your contract would consist of the Spring 2015, Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 semesters.


Unsuccessful completion of a class "(non-passed/failed classes)":  If a recipient fails a class we will NOT pay for that class to be taken again by the recipient. The recipient will be responsible for paying for the failed class again.

Unsuccessfully completion of multiple classes: If a recipient does not pass 2 or more classes, the recipient will be responsible for reimbursing TEACH in full for the 80% payment of both classes. If payment is not made, TEACH will not pay for the recipient's next class.

Withdrawing from class(es): Under a TEACH scholarship, a student is permitted to withdrawal from one class without penalty to their TEACH scholarship.  If a student withdrawals from a 2nd class and any charges are applied, the recipient would need to reimburse TEACH for the charges stemming from the withdrawn class(es).

CLICK HERE for a Director Scholarship Application

Tuition 80% 10% 10%
Books 80% 10% 10%
Travel $200 per semester n/a n/a
Release Time N/A n/a n/a
Bonus $500 $300 or 2% raise n/a